It serves

It serves It serves as the certain natural protection device allowing the person to estimate possible consequences of this or that act before making it.

For a short period myuspevay to estimate results of this or that action made by us, to choose the most suitable option, to decide that it is best of all to tell in this situation and as it is best of all to arrive.

Such careful approach to own behavior becomes the most appreciable at a meeting with new, strangers especially if they very much differ from us or in new conditions when rules of the game to us are not up to the end clear or known.

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And how you will

And how you will How effective this way, tells here such example the story of one remarkable mother.

Alinka had such addiction slightly what not on it, goes for me, roars, whines, and a voice such opposite, nasal becomes.

I simply left myself from its howlings.

I both explained, and quarreled, and punished even helps nothing.

And how you will punish the child seriously, if it and so cries Even in a bathroom it was closed Everything I speak I will not leave any more while properly you will not start talking.

It is useless.

Well in a bathroom all evening you will not sit! And once it so wore out me that I.

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Means of activityEdited

Means of activityEdited talent mechanism.

Objects of activity of the child prodigy natural substance or its sign reflection.

The purpose of actions creation of subjects, the phenomena or processes on another's measures of harmony which are borrowed and pleasant to the figure.

Means of activityEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSON measures of esthetic senses; idea of technology of a dumaniye head and hands; tools and devices thanks to which something changes or created with some additions from itself prints of a condition of the soul.

Activity products manmade harmony in subjects and the phenomena; they also ennoble on three heads of an imitator over his agemates, and only thanks to it it the child prodigy.

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Only also it is audible

Only also it is audible Force of the requirement reminds hypnotic suggestion by the adult.

And they become obedient performers of desire.

This force does not leave by it hopes of possibility not to obey, not to obey, reject will and an impact of the child.

WhimWhen you observe behavior of the whimsical child, the impression is made that he does not know, that wants.

Only also it is audible give that, give it, I want, I do not want, again I want what did not want earlier.

Of course his desires are transient, chaotic.

The child who has whims, displeasure manifestations, excessive insistence, too .

And its manifestations dominating traits of character.

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However there

However there tik are read by adults .

a word in the text, we say it not on writin and on speech sounding.

However there are children who at the previous stages are trained, get used.

to spelling reading koi also cannot refuse it, even; and .

iatelSkye the equipment becomes quite perfect.

If earlier spelling reading was important and it is necessary, as provided exact reproduction of a word, on heniya in the synthetic way this way, as a rule, to decrease in speed and insufficient judgment the contents.

How it is possible to help a rbenka in this case Take the small text or its part s@ lines and the textbook on reading.

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