By means

By means They specialized educations also are adjusted on reception of the external and internal influences which energy turns them into the consciousness facts in the form of images, feelings, thoughts.

By means of the bodies individualizing it, the person oversteps the bounds of the organic relations with the nature, separates from environment the subject world and, thus, seizes possibility, according to the purpose, to form it.

The person with a normal genotype has seven bodies of identity An eye the live mirror perceiving light energy.

An ear an ekholokator of a sound matter of the next space.

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Workers of art know

Workers of art knowAnd all of them are approximately identical to each certain person.

Workers of art know it, sculptors and painters without it and a step cannot make.

And here teachers and psychologists not always use them.

It is deciphered simply if our body is harmonious and it so!, that it surely should generate harmonious movements.

Proportions a basis of philosophical understanding of our body.

From a proportion one step to harmony.

Otherwise also cannot be.

Harmony generates harmony.

To discords of a place is not present.

And at the boy of the swimmer harmony of movements at first did not develop, because in dog style his body did not feel harmony with water and at once rejected all forms of movements.

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Those who regularly

Those who regularly Breath becomes superficial, and, according to recent researches, the brain starts to radiate the special waves not peculiar to the adult neither in a condition of a dream, nor during wakefulness.

Those who regularly is engaged in meditation, note obvious increase of level of the serenity sometimes called by spirituality which well influences other parties of their life, even in what the person does not do efforts to constrain a stream of thoughts.

As well as in a case with the people of a civilization deprived of experience manual period, engaged in meditation try to compensate for the deficiency experience by reproduction in itself the halfreceived feelings of the child on hands at mother, feelings which are also possible for reachin taking drugs.

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It is necessary

It is necessarym There should be the corresponding preparation.

We speak about groups with which we work some years.

We bring them, for example, into the airport, there, where remontiru planes.

We give the chance to them to sit in the plane.

To them tell, how everything works, in what work consists pilots as check luggage of passengers etc.

It not mo to be uninteresting.


Perhaps, to give the chance to them something sdelat Work with groups of childrendifferent age m Probably.

It is necessary to show to them that saw not each adult.

Then it will be interesting.

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Two hares

Two haresCollect proverbs from parts by the beginning in the left column pick up the necessary termination from the right.

Connect them pencil lines.

Two hares you will pursue, Day till the evening is borin Old friend, In narrowness, Prepare sledge in the summer,Formulate by the own words the main thought of each turnedout proverb.

What of our proverbs already sounded in a fragment from Vladimir Suteev's fairy tale Under a mushroom Why the butterfly told The more the merrier Draw the mood.

The note for parentsTask the child only on readin but also on the solution of an informative task it is necessary to read simply .

but also to solve chsek that is impossible without plny understanding on chitanny.

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