If you bring

If you bring Do not force the child to be allocated among others, somehow specially him dressing or with delay bringing into school or a kindergarten.

If you bring the child to school on the car, it would be quite good, if you called in on someone from his schoolmates even if you should make a hook for this purpose.

Somehow invite him to you home or bring children to cinema or circus.

To Podruzhita of the timid child with younger children communication with them will help yours to the daughter to gain necessary skills of communication and selfconfidence.

Observe, how your child plays with other children in time to reveal any negative manifestations can be, it too a naporist and is persuasive, is not able to go on compromises etc.

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In that case, maybe, girls

In that case, maybe, girls Also what to do further! – To correct that level on which we are, above an animal .

Teenagers want changesand.

In that case, maybe, girls should not it is simple to observe, and to participate, carrying out joint Day stviye.

m At first preparation is necessary, then with vmestny discussion or discussion in separate groups.

Probably, boys and girls hesitate to speak otkrovenno in the presence of each other owing to the wrong education or under the influence of hormones … But at first podgothe tovka, and then discussion give to the action depth, and everyone on an example of actions and thoughts starts to understand events.

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Podcherknyom Why Because suggestion weakens conscious control thinking concerning information proceeding from the child.

The child inspires desired to it thoughts, actions and acts.

Besides, suggestion can be directed on updating or change certain and undesirable concerning it or other people or subjects of installations.

Thus, the child, influencing consciousness of the adult, motivates his activity and focuses thoughts so that they are endured as his own acquisitions.

Podcherknyom in consciousness of the adult the thoughts inspired by the child and actions arise not owing to logic reflections.

They a product of emotionally painted provotsirovaniye of activity of imagination.

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Edited and published

Edited and publishedWork for many years.

Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONSKETCH OF THE SECONDCODES OF THE GOLD PROPORTION AND TALENT MECHANISMTransformation of arts education assumes reconsideration of regularities of mental development of the person.

It is necessary to consider and give sense to many mental factors comprehensively.

More precisely to come back to a sight ktochka that the live and inanimate nature is connected in integrity by the uniform law; to the concepts integrity and harmony, to Pifagor's ideas and Fibonachchi Luka Nacholli, but at the new level enriched with twothousandyear experience.

It is a gold proportion and a number sequence of Fibonachchi.

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And now a task

And now a task And then helped the kid to make a broom of branches and they began to sweep the scattered sand.

The third told Well, correct that did and I houses will talk to you and after it was put things in order, they together with the child went home.

All mothers acted right applied the most suitable punishment to the disobedient children.

And now a task for you.

Call age of everyoneThe first , years the kid acted under the influence of the senior children; punished that will not allow morechild.

Harm nurseries also that with them to doto play in a favourite sandbox; switched attention and did without hysterics and whims.

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