Children For all years spent with them, I never saw quarrels between children, not to mention fights.

The unique malicious words which I heard, were very rare explosions of irritation of the adult by undesirable behavior of the child.

Adults shouted to the child some words explaining the reason of their irritation.

Children stood with the anxious look or rushed to correct a mistake; anybody did not grumble any more when everything was settled by the child or the adult.

And though I saw a set of parties on which all men, women and children happened are drunk, I never saw even attempts to quarrel.

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UntalentedThanks to joint activity child gains skills to work; learns and endures pleasure of work, pleasure of creativity.

Perceiving and estimating work as the benefit, the child starts to feel in it need, starts to look for it independently.

Work for it becomes the unique means of selfdetermination vital requirement.

So, what we already know The child prodigy is created by his environment.

All healthy children are gifted equally.

Untalented children are created by their environment.

And nevertheless as it occurs there was an ordinary child, and suddenly one fine day the child prodigy But if parents, tutors, the teacher did everything correctly, something should be shown even earlier, maybe, even at onceIt appears, no.

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Though parents

Though parentsIn the childhood we always did not have money because left on drugs and doctors much.

Though parents tried to give me everything that was necessary, and almost everything that I wanted, their constant concern on payment of accounts brought with itself feelings I should not buy it and Money always does not suffice with which I and entered into adult life.

During this era of the exhausted resources we try to impart to the son taste to simplicity, beauty, friendship and a practicality.

However to conduct this continuous fight in Lego world, and fashionable sneakers hardly! As selfimage of the boy is directly connected with his achievements, life these years reminds driving from the mountain up down.

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It is necessary

It is necessary LamersHoogveld.



, p.

with age child, it rum, temperament, and also with circumstances mortar.

It is necessary to be able to distinguish inability from merennost, absentmindedness from disrespect.

One and only well carried out the vitelny measure can bring to full and to chatelny recovery where complaints, and numerous light penalties cause only unsuccessful hassle.

Mistake will punish the boy for stviye which he did not consider forbidden and telny.

Before punishin it would be quite good to make sure whether he understood a forbidenness.

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Less lines

Less lines lines the size of an operative field within norm.

Less lines the size of an operative field insufficient, work on its increase is necessary.

Attention level of developmentTechnique No.

Words hid, but from you to them not to take cover.

Find them rather!Among these lines with letters the whole words hid.

Having quickly seen lines, find and emphasize them.

Razdvatrichetyrepyat, we go to look for!For example, what word hid in this line Correctly, word .

book The note for parentsThis method, Myunsterberg's socalled Technique, is intended for studying of selectivity of attention of the young reader Operating time minutes.

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