The motto

The mottoMaterials a big sheet of paper and a felttip pen for everyoneparticipant.

InstructionI want to urge you to express the opinion on the excitingto in total subject concerning which exist directly protivopolozhny opinions.

What do you think of school examinationsYou can choose with group any other subject, vyzyvayushchy emotional response.

Each of you should think up the motto reflecting yoursthe point of view and to write it on a sheet of paper.

The motto in the compressedlook expresses fundamental thoughts.

For you it is allocated minutes on thinking up such motto and in the suitablelook to represent it.

Now you have minutes on carrying out propagandafor your position.

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Instead, having

Instead, having But remember one condition names of flowers it is our secret, it is impossible to repeat them.

Instead, having met the flower name, you should slap silently once in palms.

Approximate list of wordswindow, book, camomile, toffee, millet, shoulder, case, cornflower.

The note for parentsThe main objective of exercises on randomness and selfcontrol development to teach the child a long time to be guided in the course of work as the set rule, to hold it.

as psychologists speak.

It is thus indifferent, which rule is chosen by you any will approach.

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However shyness

However shynessChildhood Education ZAMETOKNAUCHNOpopulyarnoye edition Philippe ZimbardoSo many people in the modern world consider themselves timid.

However shyness gives in to treatment, Philippe Zimbardo, the chief specialist in this area argues.

Together with Shirley Redl doctor Zimbardo developed the program on overcoming of the nursery and adult shyness.

The timid child the book at the heart of which results of the researches which have been carried out by members of Stenfordsky clinic of shyness lie.

Among these researches sociological polls, interviews with children, their parents, teachers, and also the systematic pilot studies based on the comparative analysis of behavior of timid and not timid people.

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The International

The Internationaland.


m Truly, it is advised usually by psychologists.

The International Federation of Journalists but to create a rock group that they played on the musical the tools hard rock, metal also received a discharge.

Also very much helps to write about this tendencyand.

Ulyanov It should be something like personal dnevnik that with it happened that he felt, and then to bring daily result.

m But records should belong only to his tendency to irascibility, violence and fieriness.


Ulyanov It needs to check daily that proisgoes with this property, or it is enough to state once the opinion Work with the conflicts in groupm The diary should contain peculiar sa.

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If yes, that

If yes, that Probably, researches will show that the treatment described in an epilogue, can and replace the use of drugs.

If yes, that the addict only seems to patients as the illness which is observing at all, at it simply emerged on a surface; for fight against the illness it chose mortally dangerous drug replacing experience on hands at mother.

They can need more us treatment, but, probably, sometime we will understand that this unique difference between them and the majority of us.

Once I saw the Sunday evening television program where there was fierce debate about moral.

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