Help it to realize

Help it to realize .

Do not insist on need of the solution of a task in the different ways and do not demand originality in their performance, especially if it concerns new and unusual tasks.

Remember that for sluggish children such situations are especially difficult.


If the child gave the wrong answer or unsuccessfully it formulated.

help it to realize it.

Surely give it time for considering.

This time so much how many it should is necessary to the child, instead of it is so much, how many it seems to sufficient you.

Remember that sluggish children to a bowl follow the standard standard answers and improvisation try to avoid.

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Then to a course

Then to a courseSo the teacher eradicates negative lines in the pupil, using caustic sarcasm.

school students such actions against them They speak the teacher alive breaks skin, will wound in the heart.

And if he for some reason does not feel a victory, the farther, the more own forces put in sarcasm.

Tension increases in pupils, the sarcasm becomes rough mockery, offense.

Then to a course there is all sometimes even hands in fight for justice.

And than sarcastic war comes to an end Winners are not present all come off secondbest.

Sarcasm, you will tell, people for this purpose and thought up to expose and destroy all negative in the person, to show all look, here it low, immoral, malicious.

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The subject

The subjectSo, consciousness of the person the sphere filled with subject sense, products of feelings in the same contents, the imagination acquisitions, capable to look in the future and to create the purpose the created subject.

The subject maintenance of this sphere the quantitative characteristic of consciousness, and products of feelings and imagination qualitative which provides boundlessness of poetic soul of the person, a look in infinity.

Than it is possible to reach it The thinking enriched with information and energy of feelings; forces of criticality of the imagination, destroying habitual stereotypes and falling outside the limitsconsciousnesses to lay a way to actions.

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Do not give

Do not give Children grow so quickly that we,parents, at times we are not in time psychologicallyto be reconstructed, realize that new agedemands a new approach.

Listen to the child, think, why itdoes and arrives so, instead of differently.

Probably, at it isvery good reason.

Do not give up.

Resourcefulness,the nonstandard approach and humour perfectly help out us!In any situation it is necessary to put itself to the place of the child and his eyes to look at this beautiful world.

And then you will understand anything terrible does not occur.

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SummarizingSummarizing Whether this exercise was pleasant to me Whether easily I could recognize myself What me are seen by group To what lines of my character paid attentionparticipants I tested what feelings, how me izobstruck Whether I agree with it Whether I am disappointed What was our collaboration in a subgroup How easy or difficult it appeared for us for Denmark How we managed to agree How we divided duties in group Whether I learned something new about myself Whether I learned something new about someone another What would I like to tellComment.

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