That little

That little Such brightenedup people usually become shamans.

Communication between a serene condition of the advanced singer and forces which it can possess as the shaman, is difficult and mysterious.

That little that I know about it, does not concern our question.

Degree of wellbeing which they reach and why they reach it concerns.

Ritual is one more form of release from burden of decisionmaking.

Speech and actions are carried out with mind and body use in in advance set sequence.

The nervous system is occupied with action and perception, but thus it is not necessary to think and make a choice.

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Much more surprisingly

Much more surprisinglyHow you think, whether it was possible to this person to carry out the conceivedYou were not mistaken.


The work planned for years, was executed for creative and with inspiration lived years.

Surprisingly, but it is the truth.

And for us another is important.

Much more surprisingly that for each person there is possible improbably exact and effective prediction of a course of life and in the future.

And time is created an image of in the future, both over itself and over an object of the labor it is easy to define means, and working methods becomes known that, and for the sake of what to operate.

It is clear that the purpose provided the shortest way to follow to itself.

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M The group

M The groupand.

Ulyanov Now on a personal experience they will be convinced, that force of group is capable even to change the person.

m The group in general should do calculations as it influences each companion as all of us carry to you and to each of us.

Let's try belong to the companion in a different way also we will check, how, thanks to it, the person changes, because we change all together and kazhdy separately.

Give by means of force of group we will begin to change everyone by means of that we will change to it from carrying.

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Weaken them

Weaken them That to you it would really easily be breathed, unbutton clothes,which holds down you.

At the end of each paragraph do a second pause.

Concentrate on yours and slightly stirthem.

Note, as you feel the of a foot.

And now races them.

Now concentrate on your feet.

Weaken them andallow them quietly and hard to lie on a floor.

The feeling of slackness extends now onyours stomach and breast.

The body center too becomes soft,warm also relaxes.

Breathe quietly and deeply and at each breath feelincreasing slackness and softness.

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It is sometimes

It is sometimes We know that it in life is useful to it.

But the child, in effect, own future a little worries, to it where it is more important that occurs in a minute.

And now you order it We go, it is time to us!.

It has no choice submit and all.

It is uninteresting and is offensive.

Make so that he wanted, turn your desire in its own and no problems will arise.

It is sometimes simple, sometimes more difficultly, but probably always.

If, of course, to apply sharpness.

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