Each section

Each sectionMeanwhile the child is not ready to make bigger, than this, a step, not to mention transition from a belly in lifeless anythin in the basket which has been laid out by a fabric, or in a lifeless plastic box without movement, a sound and a smell.

The established during pregnancy stron indissoluble connection between mother and the child is sharply torn.

No wonder that thus mother is depressed, and the baby tests intolerable torments.

Each section of his suddenly naked gentle skin demands the expected embrace, all its being assumes that it will take on hands.

Million years of mother after the birth pressed at once to themselves the children.

Some children of the last several hundred generations were deprived of this major experience that did not change expectations of newborns to appear on a place belonging to them by right.

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IVALUES, PURPOSES They give the chance to them proyasthread the relation to work to consider typical about , arising during labor activity.

A small amount of exercises mentions questionsdistributions of time and leisure organization.

Attention! When copying Working leaves follows uve to the A or A format.

IVALUES, PURPOSES AND INTERESTSTO NEW COASTHoweHowePurposesThis exercise will allow teenagers to realize thatfor them it is the most important in existence near otherspeople.

In common with contemporaries they can practicein creation of the general ideas of values and to understand thepriorities.

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The first

The first Their persons of a letter who are looking out of windows.

The first but to mornings in our house the vowels living in a nerve an entrance wake up.

Call them but to names.

Correctly, it I, , , , And.

The vowel looks out of a window and lingeringly sings Naa also awakes the neighbor.

Public looks out of the window next across and responds Aaa.

The vowel shouts Yuuu.

And what public answers it from the window next across Whom does it awake Let it will appear in a window, write his name a pencil.

What vowels respond on vowel call Vowel Populate them to the respective apartments.

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The aspiration

The aspiration It already despair.

Condition of hopelessness, hopelessness.

Also it is endured, as a grief.

The aspiration to leave an unpleasant situation exhausts energy even more and the person gets to a condition of a persistent depression.

And time so, affect finishes business explosion of emotions.

They finally destroy logic of reason and selfcontrol.

There comes a despair condition there is a disbelief in own forces, positive hopes of the present and the future are lost.

The requirement dies.

And to come back to satisfaction of svoikhzhelaniye, it is necessary for person to renew .

Because even desperate efforts will break about insuperable resistance which renders the requirement to revive in itself the died requirement.

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EPILOGUESOMEWhen we completely realize consequences of our treatment of babies, children, with each other and with ourselves, we will learn to respect true nature of our look, we will inevitably open in ourselves huge potential to be happy.

EPILOGUESOME THOUGHTS FOR THE NEW EDITION About parents In three months prior to the publication of this book in one my friend asked to give the manuscript to the young pair expecting the first child.

They read it greedily from beginning to end.

For the first time I met them when Milicent, mother of a small Set to which three months were executed, came with it to me for a dinner.

Milicent told that my ideas seemed to it and her husband Mark very attractive as a lot of things told by me, found a response in their own feelings.

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