Shyness is similar

Shyness is similar Shyness is similar to an infectious disease it is a widespread condition of a starvation which thirty percent of all children according to our poll which has been carried out among parents and tutors of kindergartens suffer.

As soon as these children grow up and fall outside the limits the house, the problem becomes much more serious, and especially it becomes aggravated at teenage age.

CARE, PARTICIPATION, COURAGEAND EMOTIONAL FREEDOMLet's try track, as Maria's parents started implementation of the program on prevention of development of shyness at their daughter.

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The doll cries, the adult

The doll cries, the adult To Baibayubayushok, Vanya on a flank will lay down.

Vanya it will be strong On down on a bed.

And I will sin Kolybelechka to swing.

The doll cries, the adult asks, as it is possible uspoko to Vanechka.

The child offers versions of answers.

Then on the help is called Vask's cat Kotyakotenka, skating rink, Kotya, greyish pubis, Come, to spend the night, Cradle to shake.

The cat does not appear.

Then the adult suggests the child to call a cat tenderly.

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THE TEACHERAnd that adults parents made is even more important, the teachers who are simply familiar prompted to the adolescent this main direction at first thoughts, feelings, imagination, and then and the actions conducting to creation of according to own purpose.

And the boy was courageous and ventured so far in time and is so exact in properties abilities to understand and to estimate the possibilities.

You, probably, and about whom there is a speech.

This Otto Yuliyevich Schmidt, academician, president of academy of Sciences, world famous scientist, statesman.


The skeptic can object so after all it were geniuses Avicenna, Ostrogradsky, Schmidt.

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Having a little

Having a little parents also do not suspect, to what fines they use the authority for the sake of ny and useless remarks, repeated sedate councils, manifestations of the excessive the care opposite to the benefit, to which they to be rumpled.

Having a little observed the relation of mother to to the son in a train, in a garden or in the house, you are surprised liya time of inconsistent cautions and frequent unreasonable and unjustified reproaches, tory heavy rain fall upon the poor kid A gene, do not run, you will overheat.

, and through ithow many minutes Yes do not stand you as a column on one place, go play better.

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But to start

But to startexamples of excursionsInterlocutors Anatoly Ulyanov and Irina Yakovichand.

Ulyanov In the previous conversations we spoke about neobkhodipave as much as possible to show and explain to children okruzhathe yushchy world, and the best means for this purpose are excursions.

It is necessary to show simply to children everything that is round them.

We already began this work, and today we will see a small example, as it occurs.

But to start some general questions.


There are places in which it is obligatory and in the first oche it is necessary to bring children.

If we try to make the plan such excursions what will stand on the first places in this planand.

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