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It serves

It serves as the certain natural protection device allowing the person to estimate possible consequences of this or that act before making it.For a short period myuspevay to estimate results of this or that action made by us, to choose the most suitable option, to decide that it is best of all to tell in this situation and as it is best of all to arrive.Such careful approach to own behavior becomes the most appreciable at a meeting with new, strangers especially if they very much differ from us or in new conditions when rules of the game to us are not up to the end clear or known.

And how you will

How effective this way, tells here such example the story of one remarkable mother.Alinka had such addiction slightly what not on it, goes for me, roars, whines, and a voice such opposite, nasal becomes.I simply left myself from its howlings.I both explained, and quarreled, and punished even helps nothing.And how you will punish the child seriously, if it and so cries Even in a bathroom it was closed Everything I speak I will not leave any more while properly you will not start talking.It is useless.Well in a bathroom all evening you will not sit! And once it so wore out me that I.

Means of activityEdited

talent mechanism.Objects of activity of the child prodigy natural substance or its sign reflection.The purpose of actions creation of subjects, the phenomena or processes on another's measures of harmony which are borrowed and pleasant to the figure.Means of activityEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSON measures of esthetic senses; idea of technology of a dumaniye head and hands; tools and devices thanks to which something changes or created with some additions from itself prints of a condition of the soul.Activity products manmade harmony in subjects and the phenomena; they also ennoble on three heads of an imitator over his agemates, and only thanks to it it the child prodigy.

Only also it is audible

Force of the requirement reminds hypnotic suggestion by the adult.And they become obedient performers of desire.This force does not leave by it hopes of possibility not to obey, not to obey, reject will and an impact of the child.WhimWhen you observe behavior of the whimsical child, the impression is made that he does not know, that wants.Only also it is audible give that, give it, I want, I do not want, again I want what did not want earlier.Of course his desires are transient, chaotic.The child who has whims, displeasure manifestations, excessive insistence, too .And its manifestations dominating traits of character.

However there

tik are read by adults .a word in the text, we say it not on writin and on speech sounding.However there are children who at the previous stages are trained, get used.to spelling reading koi also cannot refuse it, even; and .iatelSkye the equipment becomes quite perfect.If earlier spelling reading was important and it is necessary, as provided exact reproduction of a word, on heniya in the synthetic way this way, as a rule, to decrease in speed and insufficient judgment the contents.How it is possible to help a rbenka in this case Take the small text or its part s@ lines and the textbook on reading.

By means

They specialized educations also are adjusted on reception of the external and internal influences which energy turns them into the consciousness facts in the form of images, feelings, thoughts.By means of the bodies individualizing it, the person oversteps the bounds of the organic relations with the nature, separates from environment the subject world and, thus, seizes possibility, according to the purpose, to form it.The person with a normal genotype has seven bodies of identity An eye the live mirror perceiving light energy.An ear an ekholokator of a sound matter of the next space.

Workers of art know

And all of them are approximately identical to each certain person.Workers of art know it, sculptors and painters without it and a step cannot make.And here teachers and psychologists not always use them.It is deciphered simply if our body is harmonious and it so!, that it surely should generate harmonious movements.Proportions a basis of philosophical understanding of our body.From a proportion one step to harmony.Otherwise also cannot be.Harmony generates harmony.To discords of a place is not present.And at the boy of the swimmer harmony of movements at first did not develop, because in dog style his body did not feel harmony with water and at once rejected all forms of movements.

Those who regularly

Breath becomes superficial, and, according to recent researches, the brain starts to radiate the special waves not peculiar to the adult neither in a condition of a dream, nor during wakefulness.Those who regularly is engaged in meditation, note obvious increase of level of the serenity sometimes called by spirituality which well influences other parties of their life, even in what the person does not do efforts to constrain a stream of thoughts.As well as in a case with the people of a civilization deprived of experience manual period, engaged in meditation try to compensate for the deficiency experience by reproduction in itself the halfreceived feelings of the child on hands at mother, feelings which are also possible for reachin taking drugs.

It is necessary

m There should be the corresponding preparation.We speak about groups with which we work some years.We bring them, for example, into the airport, there, where remontiru planes.We give the chance to them to sit in the plane.To them tell, how everything works, in what work consists pilots as check luggage of passengers etc.It not mo to be uninteresting.and.Perhaps, to give the chance to them something sdelat Work with groups of childrendifferent age m Probably.It is necessary to show to them that saw not each adult.Then it will be interesting.

Two hares

Collect proverbs from parts by the beginning in the left column pick up the necessary termination from the right.Connect them pencil lines.Two hares you will pursue, Day till the evening is borin Old friend, In narrowness, Prepare sledge in the summer,Formulate by the own words the main thought of each turnedout proverb.What of our proverbs already sounded in a fragment from Vladimir Suteev's fairy tale Under a mushroom Why the butterfly told The more the merrier Draw the mood.The note for parentsTask the child only on readin but also on the solution of an informative task it is necessary to read simply .but also to solve chsek that is impossible without plny understanding on chitanny.

If you bring

Do not force the child to be allocated among others, somehow specially him dressing or with delay bringing into school or a kindergarten.If you bring the child to school on the car, it would be quite good, if you called in on someone from his schoolmates even if you should make a hook for this purpose.Somehow invite him to you home or bring children to cinema or circus.To Podruzhita of the timid child with younger children communication with them will help yours to the daughter to gain necessary skills of communication and selfconfidence.Observe, how your child plays with other children in time to reveal any negative manifestations can be, it too a naporist and is persuasive, is not able to go on compromises etc.

In that case, maybe, girls

Also what to do further! – To correct that level on which we are, above an animal .Teenagers want changesand.In that case, maybe, girls should not it is simple to observe, and to participate, carrying out joint Day stviye.m At first preparation is necessary, then with vmestny discussion or discussion in separate groups.Probably, boys and girls hesitate to speak otkrovenno in the presence of each other owing to the wrong education or under the influence of hormones … But at first podgothe tovka, and then discussion give to the action depth, and everyone on an example of actions and thoughts starts to understand events.


Why Because suggestion weakens conscious control thinking concerning information proceeding from the child.The child inspires desired to it thoughts, actions and acts.Besides, suggestion can be directed on updating or change certain and undesirable concerning it or other people or subjects of installations.Thus, the child, influencing consciousness of the adult, motivates his activity and focuses thoughts so that they are endured as his own acquisitions.Podcherknyom in consciousness of the adult the thoughts inspired by the child and actions arise not owing to logic reflections.They a product of emotionally painted provotsirovaniye of activity of imagination.

Edited and published

Work for many years.Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONSKETCH OF THE SECONDCODES OF THE GOLD PROPORTION AND TALENT MECHANISMTransformation of arts education assumes reconsideration of regularities of mental development of the person.It is necessary to consider and give sense to many mental factors comprehensively.More precisely to come back to a sight ktochka that the live and inanimate nature is connected in integrity by the uniform law; to the concepts integrity and harmony, to Pifagor's ideas and Fibonachchi Luka Nacholli, but at the new level enriched with twothousandyear experience.It is a gold proportion and a number sequence of Fibonachchi.

And now a task

And then helped the kid to make a broom of branches and they began to sweep the scattered sand.The third told Well, correct that did and I houses will talk to you and after it was put things in order, they together with the child went home.All mothers acted right applied the most suitable punishment to the disobedient children.And now a task for you.Call age of everyoneThe first , years the kid acted under the influence of the senior children; punished that will not allow morechild.Harm nurseries also that with them to doto play in a favourite sandbox; switched attention and did without hysterics and whims.


For all years spent with them, I never saw quarrels between children, not to mention fights.The unique malicious words which I heard, were very rare explosions of irritation of the adult by undesirable behavior of the child.Adults shouted to the child some words explaining the reason of their irritation.Children stood with the anxious look or rushed to correct a mistake; anybody did not grumble any more when everything was settled by the child or the adult.And though I saw a set of parties on which all men, women and children happened are drunk, I never saw even attempts to quarrel.


Thanks to joint activity child gains skills to work; learns and endures pleasure of work, pleasure of creativity.Perceiving and estimating work as the benefit, the child starts to feel in it need, starts to look for it independently.Work for it becomes the unique means of selfdetermination vital requirement.So, what we already know The child prodigy is created by his environment.All healthy children are gifted equally.Untalented children are created by their environment.And nevertheless as it occurs there was an ordinary child, and suddenly one fine day the child prodigy But if parents, tutors, the teacher did everything correctly, something should be shown even earlier, maybe, even at onceIt appears, no.

Though parents

In the childhood we always did not have money because left on drugs and doctors much.Though parents tried to give me everything that was necessary, and almost everything that I wanted, their constant concern on payment of accounts brought with itself feelings I should not buy it and Money always does not suffice with which I and entered into adult life.During this era of the exhausted resources we try to impart to the son taste to simplicity, beauty, friendship and a practicality.However to conduct this continuous fight in Lego world, and fashionable sneakers hardly! As selfimage of the boy is directly connected with his achievements, life these years reminds driving from the mountain up down.

It is necessary

LamersHoogveld.Decree.., p.with age child, it rum, temperament, and also with circumstances mortar.It is necessary to be able to distinguish inability from merennost, absentmindedness from disrespect.One and only well carried out the vitelny measure can bring to full and to chatelny recovery where complaints, and numerous light penalties cause only unsuccessful hassle.Mistake will punish the boy for stviye which he did not consider forbidden and telny.Before punishin it would be quite good to make sure whether he understood a forbidenness.

Less lines

lines the size of an operative field within norm.Less lines the size of an operative field insufficient, work on its increase is necessary.Attention level of developmentTechnique No.Words hid, but from you to them not to take cover.Find them rather!Among these lines with letters the whole words hid.Having quickly seen lines, find and emphasize them.Razdvatrichetyrepyat, we go to look for!For example, what word hid in this line Correctly, word .book The note for parentsThis method, Myunsterberg's socalled Technique, is intended for studying of selectivity of attention of the young reader Operating time minutes.

At a pan always

The cow gives kefir.often, always, sometimes, seldom, never., Summer it.June, month, season, year, days.Ice always.white, transparent, cold, tasty, thick.At a pan always is a cover, a bottom.handle, hole, serving spoon..Field flower., rose, gladiolus, chrysanthemum, hand bell, .Note the right answers are given in the Appendix on page Technique No.The word misses.Find to it pair! Listen to me properly.I tell two words and .The truth after all, these words made pair Why Because the dog lives in a box.Words and too will make pair but on other sign the dog loves a stone.


How the universe is arranged, force zhenshchi is the force inducing to action, and strength of the man is more executive force.Therefore all work, Distinctions in educationgirls and boyscarried out by men in the world, is a realization not their forfeit ziya, and that need which is felt by women.and.Then what exactly it is so necessary to construct everything systems of relationship between us.It is possible to tell that we should come to symbiosis.m Look, than we are engaged that we we build in the world! And all this is done by men according to the imaginations, instead of in a consent with natural consumer nost which arrive from the woman.


Sexual illegibility can be seen absolutely on the other hand if to look at this problem from the point of view of the teenager needing recognition and friendship with agemates.In the same way and abuse of alcohol or drugs is not always simple rebelliousness against parents.FEAR OPPOSITE FLOORIn spite of the fact that according to the girl at teenage age suffer from shyness more and it is much more difficult to them to endure this difficult period, at teenage boys, especially at timid, too there are many problems.Actually many men suffering from shyness, to us admit the letters that timid they became at this painful age.

Certainly, ineyes

Offered exercises help teenagers a beam to realize the internal relation to study, to understand thatfor them it is the most important in educational process, and to developaspiration to get to the truth.Work and leisureAs well as study at school, work of the majority of teenagers hasstill some transitional character.Often teenagerswork not in that area and not at that level professionalny competence to which they aspire.Certainly, ineyes of the teenager work in comparison with study possesses ryahouse of advantages.For example, the teenager receives for workmoney and, thus, in own consciousness ismore independent, rather than his contemporaries, taken roofing felt to study.

And woman

The woman sharply feels, that does not suffice to it in life.The man so does not feel, as it is less connected with at company, and it is easier to it to go woolgathering.And woman neobkhodi selfrealization here, in this world family, children, she together with all, giving to them all necessary and receiving from them feeling of a joy and filling.The woman is obliged know that if not to connect all these low terrestrial concepts with the prime target, and in this life too not to receive napolneniya.

The motto

Materials a big sheet of paper and a felttip pen for everyoneparticipant.InstructionI want to urge you to express the opinion on the excitingto in total subject concerning which exist directly protivopolozhny opinions.What do you think of school examinationsYou can choose with group any other subject, vyzyvayushchy emotional response.Each of you should think up the motto reflecting yoursthe point of view and to write it on a sheet of paper.The motto in the compressedlook expresses fundamental thoughts.For you it is allocated minutes on thinking up such motto and in the suitablelook to represent it.Now you have minutes on carrying out propagandafor your position.

Instead, having

But remember one condition names of flowers it is our secret, it is impossible to repeat them.Instead, having met the flower name, you should slap silently once in palms.Approximate list of wordswindow, book, camomile, toffee, millet, shoulder, case, cornflower.The note for parentsThe main objective of exercises on randomness and selfcontrol development to teach the child a long time to be guided in the course of work as the set rule, to hold it.as psychologists speak.It is thus indifferent, which rule is chosen by you any will approach.

However shyness

Childhood Education ZAMETOKNAUCHNOpopulyarnoye edition Philippe ZimbardoSo many people in the modern world consider themselves timid.However shyness gives in to treatment, Philippe Zimbardo, the chief specialist in this area argues.Together with Shirley Redl doctor Zimbardo developed the program on overcoming of the nursery and adult shyness.The timid child the book at the heart of which results of the researches which have been carried out by members of Stenfordsky clinic of shyness lie.Among these researches sociological polls, interviews with children, their parents, teachers, and also the systematic pilot studies based on the comparative analysis of behavior of timid and not timid people.

The International

and.Sports.m Truly, it is advised usually by psychologists.The International Federation of Journalists but to create a rock group that they played on the musical the tools hard rock, metal also received a discharge.Also very much helps to write about this tendencyand.Ulyanov It should be something like personal dnevnik that with it happened that he felt, and then to bring daily result.m But records should belong only to his tendency to irascibility, violence and fieriness.and.Ulyanov It needs to check daily that proisgoes with this property, or it is enough to state once the opinion Work with the conflicts in groupm The diary should contain peculiar sa.

If yes, that

Probably, researches will show that the treatment described in an epilogue, can and replace the use of drugs.If yes, that the addict only seems to patients as the illness which is observing at all, at it simply emerged on a surface; for fight against the illness it chose mortally dangerous drug replacing experience on hands at mother.They can need more us treatment, but, probably, sometime we will understand that this unique difference between them and the majority of us.Once I saw the Sunday evening television program where there was fierce debate about moral.

Help it to realize

.Do not insist on need of the solution of a task in the different ways and do not demand originality in their performance, especially if it concerns new and unusual tasks.Remember that for sluggish children such situations are especially difficult.J.If the child gave the wrong answer or unsuccessfully it formulated.help it to realize it.Surely give it time for considering.This time so much how many it should is necessary to the child, instead of it is so much, how many it seems to sufficient you.Remember that sluggish children to a bowl follow the standard standard answers and improvisation try to avoid.

Then to a course

So the teacher eradicates negative lines in the pupil, using caustic sarcasm.school students such actions against them They speak the teacher alive breaks skin, will wound in the heart.And if he for some reason does not feel a victory, the farther, the more own forces put in sarcasm.Tension increases in pupils, the sarcasm becomes rough mockery, offense.Then to a course there is all sometimes even hands in fight for justice.And than sarcastic war comes to an end Winners are not present all come off secondbest.Sarcasm, you will tell, people for this purpose and thought up to expose and destroy all negative in the person, to show all look, here it low, immoral, malicious.

The subject

So, consciousness of the person the sphere filled with subject sense, products of feelings in the same contents, the imagination acquisitions, capable to look in the future and to create the purpose the created subject.The subject maintenance of this sphere the quantitative characteristic of consciousness, and products of feelings and imagination qualitative which provides boundlessness of poetic soul of the person, a look in infinity.Than it is possible to reach it The thinking enriched with information and energy of feelings; forces of criticality of the imagination, destroying habitual stereotypes and falling outside the limitsconsciousnesses to lay a way to actions.

Do not give

Children grow so quickly that we,parents, at times we are not in time psychologicallyto be reconstructed, realize that new agedemands a new approach.Listen to the child, think, why itdoes and arrives so, instead of differently.Probably, at it isvery good reason.Do not give up.Resourcefulness,the nonstandard approach and humour perfectly help out us!In any situation it is necessary to put itself to the place of the child and his eyes to look at this beautiful world.And then you will understand anything terrible does not occur.


Summarizing Whether this exercise was pleasant to me Whether easily I could recognize myself What me are seen by group To what lines of my character paid attentionparticipants I tested what feelings, how me izobstruck Whether I agree with it Whether I am disappointed What was our collaboration in a subgroup How easy or difficult it appeared for us for Denmark How we managed to agree How we divided duties in group Whether I learned something new about myself Whether I learned something new about someone another What would I like to tellComment.

That little

Such brightenedup people usually become shamans.Communication between a serene condition of the advanced singer and forces which it can possess as the shaman, is difficult and mysterious.That little that I know about it, does not concern our question.Degree of wellbeing which they reach and why they reach it concerns.Ritual is one more form of release from burden of decisionmaking.Speech and actions are carried out with mind and body use in in advance set sequence.The nervous system is occupied with action and perception, but thus it is not necessary to think and make a choice.

Much more surprisingly

How you think, whether it was possible to this person to carry out the conceivedYou were not mistaken.Moreover.The work planned for years, was executed for creative and with inspiration lived years.Surprisingly, but it is the truth.And for us another is important.Much more surprisingly that for each person there is possible improbably exact and effective prediction of a course of life and in the future.And time is created an image of in the future, both over itself and over an object of the labor it is easy to define means, and working methods becomes known that, and for the sake of what to operate.It is clear that the purpose provided the shortest way to follow to itself.

M The group

and.Ulyanov Now on a personal experience they will be convinced, that force of group is capable even to change the person.m The group in general should do calculations as it influences each companion as all of us carry to you and to each of us.Let's try belong to the companion in a different way also we will check, how, thanks to it, the person changes, because we change all together and kazhdy separately.Give by means of force of group we will begin to change everyone by means of that we will change to it from carrying.

Weaken them

That to you it would really easily be breathed, unbutton clothes,which holds down you.At the end of each paragraph do a second pause.Concentrate on yours and slightly stirthem.Note, as you feel the of a foot.And now races them.Now concentrate on your feet.Weaken them andallow them quietly and hard to lie on a floor.The feeling of slackness extends now onyours stomach and breast.The body center too becomes soft,warm also relaxes.Breathe quietly and deeply and at each breath feelincreasing slackness and softness.

It is sometimes

We know that it in life is useful to it.But the child, in effect, own future a little worries, to it where it is more important that occurs in a minute.And now you order it We go, it is time to us!.It has no choice submit and all.It is uninteresting and is offensive.Make so that he wanted, turn your desire in its own and no problems will arise.It is sometimes simple, sometimes more difficultly, but probably always.If, of course, to apply sharpness.

Each section

Meanwhile the child is not ready to make bigger, than this, a step, not to mention transition from a belly in lifeless anythin in the basket which has been laid out by a fabric, or in a lifeless plastic box without movement, a sound and a smell.The established during pregnancy stron indissoluble connection between mother and the child is sharply torn.No wonder that thus mother is depressed, and the baby tests intolerable torments.Each section of his suddenly naked gentle skin demands the expected embrace, all its being assumes that it will take on hands.Million years of mother after the birth pressed at once to themselves the children.Some children of the last several hundred generations were deprived of this major experience that did not change expectations of newborns to appear on a place belonging to them by right.


They give the chance to them proyasthread the relation to work to consider typical about , arising during labor activity.A small amount of exercises mentions questionsdistributions of time and leisure organization.Attention! When copying Working leaves follows uve to the A or A format.IVALUES, PURPOSES AND INTERESTSTO NEW COASTHoweHowePurposesThis exercise will allow teenagers to realize thatfor them it is the most important in existence near otherspeople.In common with contemporaries they can practicein creation of the general ideas of values and to understand thepriorities.

The first

Their persons of a letter who are looking out of windows.The first but to mornings in our house the vowels living in a nerve an entrance wake up.Call them but to names.Correctly, it I, , , , And.The vowel looks out of a window and lingeringly sings Naa also awakes the neighbor.Public looks out of the window next across and responds Aaa.The vowel shouts Yuuu.And what public answers it from the window next across Whom does it awake Let it will appear in a window, write his name a pencil.What vowels respond on vowel call Vowel Populate them to the respective apartments.

The aspiration

It already despair.Condition of hopelessness, hopelessness.Also it is endured, as a grief.The aspiration to leave an unpleasant situation exhausts energy even more and the person gets to a condition of a persistent depression.And time so, affect finishes business explosion of emotions.They finally destroy logic of reason and selfcontrol.There comes a despair condition there is a disbelief in own forces, positive hopes of the present and the future are lost.The requirement dies.And to come back to satisfaction of svoikhzhelaniye, it is necessary for person to renew .Because even desperate efforts will break about insuperable resistance which renders the requirement to revive in itself the died requirement.


When we completely realize consequences of our treatment of babies, children, with each other and with ourselves, we will learn to respect true nature of our look, we will inevitably open in ourselves huge potential to be happy.EPILOGUESOME THOUGHTS FOR THE NEW EDITION About parents In three months prior to the publication of this book in one my friend asked to give the manuscript to the young pair expecting the first child.They read it greedily from beginning to end.For the first time I met them when Milicent, mother of a small Set to which three months were executed, came with it to me for a dinner.Milicent told that my ideas seemed to it and her husband Mark very attractive as a lot of things told by me, found a response in their own feelings.

Shyness is similar

Shyness is similar to an infectious disease it is a widespread condition of a starvation which thirty percent of all children according to our poll which has been carried out among parents and tutors of kindergartens suffer.As soon as these children grow up and fall outside the limits the house, the problem becomes much more serious, and especially it becomes aggravated at teenage age.CARE, PARTICIPATION, COURAGEAND EMOTIONAL FREEDOMLet's try track, as Maria's parents started implementation of the program on prevention of development of shyness at their daughter.

The doll cries, the adult

To Baibayubayushok, Vanya on a flank will lay down.Vanya it will be strong On down on a bed.And I will sin Kolybelechka to swing.The doll cries, the adult asks, as it is possible uspoko to Vanechka.The child offers versions of answers.Then on the help is called Vask's cat Kotyakotenka, skating rink, Kotya, greyish pubis, Come, to spend the night, Cradle to shake.The cat does not appear.Then the adult suggests the child to call a cat tenderly.


And that adults parents made is even more important, the teachers who are simply familiar prompted to the adolescent this main direction at first thoughts, feelings, imagination, and then and the actions conducting to creation of according to own purpose.And the boy was courageous and ventured so far in time and is so exact in properties abilities to understand and to estimate the possibilities.You, probably, and about whom there is a speech.This Otto Yuliyevich Schmidt, academician, president of academy of Sciences, world famous scientist, statesman.THE TEACHER AND THE WISE MAN TEACH NOTHING.The skeptic can object so after all it were geniuses Avicenna, Ostrogradsky, Schmidt.

Having a little

parents also do not suspect, to what fines they use the authority for the sake of ny and useless remarks, repeated sedate councils, manifestations of the excessive the care opposite to the benefit, to which they to be rumpled.Having a little observed the relation of mother to to the son in a train, in a garden or in the house, you are surprised liya time of inconsistent cautions and frequent unreasonable and unjustified reproaches, tory heavy rain fall upon the poor kid A gene, do not run, you will overheat., and through ithow many minutes Yes do not stand you as a column on one place, go play better.

But to start

examples of excursionsInterlocutors Anatoly Ulyanov and Irina Yakovichand.Ulyanov In the previous conversations we spoke about neobkhodipave as much as possible to show and explain to children okruzhathe yushchy world, and the best means for this purpose are excursions.It is necessary to show simply to children everything that is round them.We already began this work, and today we will see a small example, as it occurs.But to start some general questions.and.There are places in which it is obligatory and in the first oche it is necessary to bring children.If we try to make the plan such excursions what will stand on the first places in this planand.

Here and there

This main precondition does not change in any way and is not called into question if mother had to wait for the child.However despite million years of experience and unequivocal behavior not only animals similar to us, but also many people, we managed to force kids to escape from us.After the fourth expedition to me the number of the kids who are getting away from adults in the Central park of Manhattan was evident.Here and there sat on benches of the mother and the nurse and had a talk.Suddenly that one, other of them clumsily bent forward, stretched hands and, exhaling unpersuasive threats, shrillly demanded, that the kid fugitive immediately stopped.

In order to avoid

Parents should demand the right periodically to check the characteristic of the children and to demand, that from them deleted the records, capable to do much harm to the child and his successes in school.In order to avoid possible harm, do not allow, that on your child hung up labels.If to you say that it is necessary to transfer your child to a special class, dare to disagree.As one woman, mother of the sixthgrader told, having agreed that her son mentally retarded, she made the most awful mistake in the life.

Sometimes, coming

I make for this purpose everything efforts, and usually I manage to keep a good mine at bad game, after all I really love people and I appreciate communication with them, though I feel thus very uncomfortably.Sometimes, coming into the room overflowed with people, I not simply test nervous tremblin and me starts to shake really.Sometimes even I should refuse a coffee cup that people did not see my shivering hands.Most of all I am confused that during acquaintance to new people I instantly forget their names as at this time my thoughts are occupied only by what impression I make on people around.

Probably, next

Poll at the high speed, demanding fast reaction.Unsuccessful .estimated sharply negatively, the unpleasant remark or quarrel.It is necessary to consider that the nervous system of adynamic children usually differs hypersensibility.Such children are sensitive and vulnerable.Probably, next time the child in general will refuse to answer, even knowing the right answer.He will prefer not to receive at all an assessment, rather than to receive the bad.Work in a situation demanding derivation, switching or racesattention predeleniye.For example, remarks and questions of seniors or schoolmates can become such factors.

I will make. m Unless


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